20 Things to Do Online During Quarantine

23 April 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused major havoc in our lives this year and forced us into self-isolation and quarantine during our national lockdown. Jobs have been paused, people have way more time on their hands and in between worrying about the virus and the implications it brings about, we’re trying to keep sane in the middle of the anxiety we all might not know how to deal with. Many of us have learned the importance of a strong internet deal at this point, whether you’re working from home or need a steady medium of communication.   

Keeping that in mind, we’ve put together a list of activities you can do online or with an internet connection.  

How many of these have you ticked off?

  1. Signed up for an online streaming service 
  2. Used an online recipe to create something in the kitchen 
  3. Video called a friend 
  4. Used online entertainment to keep the kids busy 
  5. Caved and downloaded Tik Tok or Animal Crossing for entertainment 
  6. Watched old sports highlights online  
  7. Streamed a concert or live show online 
  8. Binge watched Netflix or Showmax 
  9. Signed up for an online course 
  10. Downloaded a new app. Try taking a virtual tour of the Houstan Space Center here: https://spacecenter.org/app/ 
  11. Started gaming online 
  12. Hosted a Netflix party or games night via video call 
  13. Used an online exercise video 
  14. Started a DIY project you saw online 
  15. Developed a new interest from browsing online 
  16. Finally organised your cloud storage and backed up your current files 
  17. Signed up for some cloud storage like Dropbox or Google Drive 
  18. Experienced an online museum tour without leaving your couch! You can do that here www.virtualvisittours.com 
  19. Have your kids screaming in the background of an important work Zoom call 
  20. Reconnected with an old friend via Facebook 

We’ve ticked off quite a few of these fun activities, all of which would not be possible without an internet connection! Let Best Internet help you out with an easy, inexpensive internet deal!