5 Benefits of LTE

03 April 2020

An LTE deal is more than just an internet connection, for many, it’s the broadband solution that ensures great speeds and flexibility for users that do not have access to fixed-line solutions. If you’re still grappling between your internet options; here are 5 benefits of an LTE line:



Stay on the move; if you are a workaholic or travel junkie, you’ll see that a fixed internet solution is not much of a solution for your situation. Opting for an LTE deal might just be the answer and save you in the long run. If you opt for an LTE deal you take your internet with you. You can easily connect to the internet with your phone, tablet or laptop even if you’re on holiday!

No Installation Costs:

This benefit is simple! Save around R1700 and skip the installation part of fixed internet and simply plug and play! We know how frustrating it can be to deal with installation; whether it’s indoors or out there are various factors that can affect the process. Dealing with the weather and getting time off from work can often hinder the process and cause further frustration for you.

Wider Coverage:

Wider coverage: Compared to fibre; you’re more likely to find your areas covered with a mobile network, as LTE works with coverage from towers throughout the country. Unfortunately, fibre coverage is limited in South Africa for now as the option continues to roll out in areas. With wider coverage, LTE gives you the option of having an internet connection at home and even on the go at places like work or the gym. Don’t forget to check your coverage with us.

Economically Viable:

Economically viable: While we love the idea of having a fixed internet solution that gives us all, we sometimes must consider our budgets. An LTE deal can offer you a more affordable option depending on your usage or data plan. Internet Service Providers like Telkom can offer you 20GB for an easy R249 per month!

Faster than DSL or ADSL:

If you currently have a fixed internet line, it’s more than likely a DSL or ADSL line to your home. If you’re looking for alternatives/improvements and fibre isn’t available; LTE is certainly a lucrative option for users needing better speeds. You get speeds up to 50Mbps on LTE and unlike ADSL, you don’t pay for an upgrade on your line speed.

Let’s make the search simple for you and get you connected faster than you can say plug and play, with Best Internet today. Check your coverage and choose from a range of LTE providers.