Best ADSL Alternatives

03 December 2020

If you’re a South African ADSL subscriber, you may need to rethink your internet service connection. With many South African Internet Service Providers rapidly decommissioning their traditional copper lines, in favour of fibre - this connection technology may not be around for much longer.  

So, what’s the best ADSL alternative in South Africa? If you’re looking to get connected, the most popular options are LTE or fibre. And there’s a reason they’re so popular – namely, speed and flexibility. A fibre connection in South Africa can reach speeds of up to 1Gbps, which is incredibly fast. That being said, with South Africa’s limited fibre infrastructure, not everyone in the country has access to a fibre internet connection.  

In the near future, with the increasing demand for fast, reliable internet connection, the availability of fibre is undoubtedly going to expand to more remote places in the country.   
For those who aren’t able to access a fibre internet connection, LTE is a great ADSL alternative, which is able to connect a large portion of the country, with a reliable network that depends on pre-existing mobile infrastructure. LTE is not only quick to install, but also incredibly competitive in pricing with a wide range of options to choose from - offering many high-data-usage accounts.  

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