Choosing the best fibre provider for you in 2022

26 November 2021

Are you on the hunt to compare fibre providers? This can send you into a technical tizzy. When it comes to looking for internet, every provider is going to try get your attention. So, how do you wade through all of the offers, specials, bundles and technical jargon?

Best Internet makes finding a fibre internet service provider easy for you — by providing the nuts and bolts of the hardware: Price, speed, benefits and advice! You can search filtered options, suited to your needs, and see which ISPs are available in your area with our convenient fibre coverage map.

Read on to find out which service providers reign supreme in 2022.

Which fibre provider is best?

Not sure who to pick? No need to swipe right or left. We’ve done the work for you!

Price range: R604 - R1,512 per month
Speed range: 2 – 100Mbps
A little bit about Vodacom fibre: Vodacom has been bringing fibre to homes and businesses since 2015. Vodacom fibre customers also get a free router and activation with installation.

Price range: R554 – R1,999
Speed range: 10 – 1,000Mbps
A little bit about Vox fibre: Vox Telecoms is one most renowned and trusted internet service providers since 1996, with fibre joining the team in 2016. Vox fibre customers get a free router, installation and activation.

Price range: R495 – R1,795 per month
Speed range: 10 – 1,000Mbps
A little bit about RSA Web fibre: Joining the tech and telecoms gang in 2001, RSA Web is all about bringing fibre to the home. RSA Web customers can use the router on loan while they are active customers, but if they decide to end their contract — they need to return the router. Activation is free!

Price range: R799 – R2,219 per month
Speed range: 10 – 1,000Mbps
A little bit about Telkom fibre: The OG - Telkom has been bringing fibre to homes and companies since 2010! Telkom customers get a free router but will have to pay for installation and activation.

Price range: R554 – R2,489 per month
Speed range: 10 – 1,000Mbps
A little bit about OnAir fibre: OnAir is part of the MultiChoice family and works well if you already have DStv, or if you want bundles for fibre and TV streaming. OnAir customers get free installation, activation and the router.

Check my area for fibre

Your fibre FAQs, answered

What’s the difference between capped and uncapped fibre?

Capped fibre simply means that there is a monthly limit on how much internet access you can get. Uncapped fibre means you’ll get unlimited internet access for the price you pay every month. Capped fibre is usually more affordable because you’re getting a fixed amount of internet, and is ideal for homes that only need internet for emails or general browsing.

Uncapped fibre is slightly more expensive, but it is the perfect choice for homes or businesses that need a constant stream of internet access without the worry of it ending unexpectedly.

Can I apply for fibre online?

Yes! The first thing you need to do is to check if your area is fibre-ready with Best Internet’s fibre coverage map. Most areas in and around a major city will have coverage but instead of guessing, be sure to check your fibre coverage. Secondly, browse and compare the best fibre providers using Best Internet’s comprehensive comparison page. Lastly, simply choose a plan by clicking “apply now”!

What does FTTH and FTTB mean?

Don’t worry, this is far simpler than you think! FTTH is an acronym for “fibre to the home” and FTTB means “fibre to the business”. When you’re looking for a fibre connection, it’s important to take note of exactly where, because your internet needs will be different. When you’re looking for FTTB, you’ll need a large enough Mbps line to take into account multiple laptops, smartphones, printers, computers and more, that need a connection.

How is fibre better than Wi-Fi or LTE?

There are two things we look for when it comes to internet, and no, it’s not cat videos — it’s speed and consistency. Fibre is made from glass optic cables placed underneath the ground, which allows for a trustworthy, reliable stream of internet. Wi-Fi and LTE depend on radio wavelengths, which can be affected by changes in weather and technical issues with cell towers.

SA’s top fibre providers, only on Best Internet

When you’re looking for a fibre provider, or feeling like you need to switch, the speed and price should be your top motivating factors. Ranging from a fairly slow speed of 2Mbps up to super speeds of 1,000Mbps — choosing a package based on what speed you need won’t be difficult. In terms of price, ranging from R495 to R2,489, packages for the home and the office cover each environment’s needs.

View our fibre coverage map and browse the best in fibre providers!