Educational Websites and Home-schooling Online:

07 May 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused devastation throughout the world and in every industry, we know! Disturbing our everyday lives; we are forced to create new normal” in a society that almost no longer exists. “Will we go back to normal?”; that we do not know yet. In the meantime, we’re forced to find facilities and means to make it through this time. In these times, schools around the country have been hit the hardest and many parents, teachers and caregivers are left stranded, not knowing the outcome for themselves and the children concerned. Kids are out of routine and left with little educational material or structure to their days now.  

Best Internet has put together a quick guide to keep you and your children occupied and learning again. With a handy fibre internet connection. it is possible! We’ve rounded up some great educational websites below. Get everyone together and start some fun educational learning 

Dive into History Today: 

The SA History website is a collective space of rich history and educational wisdom on all things historical. You can learn about South Africa history from the comfort of your couch. Use this resource to discover new museums, take an online walk through various South African timelines and learn about the people that made our country great! Not only a great resource for children; parents can find themselves being enlightened and learning a thing or two!  

Get it All:

The Khan academy provides online resources for kids, parents and teachers looking for educational content! Also providing daily schedules with activities and school content, this website will keep your children busy for the most part of the day, yet also encourages parents to motivate their kids to enjoy external activities during this time. Keep balanced during the pandemic with this online resource. The educational website is completely free so you can take advantage of every piece of learning material. Teachers can login for content, videos, articles and a community of other teachers and students alike all weathering out the same storm!  

Take a break:  

If you’ve had too much of math and science for the morning, you can hop onto Learning Games for Kids and have some fun while still learning in the process! Typing and memory games give you some room for academic flexibility while you ease your mind with some fun rather than SWOT over science notes for a little while. The games are free to play and is a fantastic option to take a quick break from normal schoolwork 


Twinkl Educational Publishing is the perfect local educational site, featuring South African school direction for primary school kids and teachers. Find workbooks related to mathematics, life skills and the home languages.  The resources are free and all you need to do is sign up to download E-books and other content that might interest you. The website also offers teachers guides for students that assist with planning and activities that you can use over video conferencing.  

Keeping in mind that having learning content only does not facilitate actual home-schooling activities, we’ve put together some tips for parents are currently home-schooling in this time.  

  1. Get a routine going: It may be tempting to let the kids sleep in considering no one is going anywhere but sticking to daily wake up and mealtimes will give them structure to their days. Allowing them to differentiate between academic activity time and normal or fun activity time.  
  2. Check in with teachers: Check in with your children's schoolteachers regularly. Depending on the relationships shared between kids, teachers and parents, it’s a good idea to keep contact to find out how everyone is doing. Your teacher might be regularly sending worksheets and school material but it’s always great to ask them how they’re doing and take tips from professionals that handle kids the entire day! 
  3. Take regular breaks and walk around: With no commute to work and school, take advantage of having extra time at home and use it in the day to take regular breaks between studying. Take walks outside in your garden if you have one, to get some Vitamin D and fresh air. This will help overall health and be a much-needed change from sitting in classrooms for hours on end.  

Let us know in the comments below if you’re currently home schooling and what your experience is like.