Internet Service Providers in South Africa

03 April 2020

Shopping for Internet Service Providers (ISP) can be a tough project. It involves quite a bit of research and comparison before taking the plunge and settling on an option. Whether you're searching for fixed LTE, or thinking of upgrading to fibre deal– finding the best ISP is still key.  

Over recent years, there have been multiple Internet Service Providers that have introduced themselves to the market. While cellular networks like Vodacom and MTN have been around for ages, and remained popular: the demand for home broadband and internet connection has taken off and continues to grow. We’ve also seen the rise of internet providers like Supersonic, MWEB and VOX - who continue to push boundaries with amazing deals that stretch our Rands. If you’ve decided on the type of internet connection you need, choosing one of the Internet Service Providers is the next step. 

Let’s look at a few great Internet Service providers and what they bring to the table: 


Supersonic is owned by MTN, but run independently. This internet provider has seen much growth over the last year with great deals like their 120GB fixed LTE for R399, or their Fibre deal for R599pm.  This internet provider rose to stardom in 2018, aspiring to bring customers an effortless internet experience by providing great customer service and excellent stability. Backed by MTN; one of the best internet service providers in SA, you can be sure to experience equally amazing service with broadband products at home and on-the-go.  

Supersonic looks to provide an effortless experience with their Fibre deal offerings, encouraging customers to voice their needs and advise technicians of these when it comes to internet at home. You can opt for month-to-month services that offer freedom to upgrade and downgrade depending on your needs for the month. 


Telkom is no secret! One of the internet service providers with endless options to the people. You're able to choose between several products: mobile, broadband, fixed LTE and fibre deal options. Telkom provides affordable options like 20GB fixed LTE for R249 and fantastic fibre deals from R799.  

Telkom is one the biggest internet providers in the country, with coverage that spans over large areas. Focused on balancing work and play, Telkom offers a range of fixed LTE, uncapped and once off LTE bundles, and now offers fibre deals too! This internet provider gives you more options to suit yours and your family’s lifestyle - no matter what your requirements are. 


MTN has predominantly retained their position among internet service providers by offering fixed LTE data. The data is suitable for home use as MTN provides the likes of 60GB fixed LTE for R699 per month, for a reliable and stable connection. MTN has also made an appearance in the fibre market and continues to maintain their customers’ trust. Take along your data with MTN Fixed LTE options on the go or grab a great fibre deal for plug-and-play at home. 

We've introduced you to some of the popular internet service providers at the moment. But we know that if you're new to the internet provider game, there may be a few terms that you’re not familiar with. Here is the difference between fibre and LTE, to make choosing a package from the best ISP much easier! 

What's the difference between Fibre and LTE?  


Fibre connections are fixed to an area with cabling through a Fibre Network Operator and data provided by internet service providers. If you notice the side of your roads being dug up and cables laid - fibre infrastructure is in the making in your area. There will be a single Fibre Network Operator (FNO) in your area that can provide the physical cabling to your home. With this option, you will be able to choose from the Internet Service Providers with coverage in your area. After choosing your internet provider, they will assist you with fibre deals and installation once the fibre infrastructure is installed. 


LTE is a wireless connection provided through internet service providers that allows a connection between network towers. Finding an internet provider for your LTE will also be based on your coverage, as it's determined by the network towers in your area. The network towers allow data to pass through from your internet provider. This type of connection doesn't require cabling but merely a wireless or fixed LTE router and a SIM card from your chosen internet provider. 

In closing, when it comes to choosing internet service providers - your area plays a huge role. It's all about coverage. Based on your area, you can choose the best ISP - whether you prefer a fibre deal or fixed LTE. Try our coverage checker to see which internet service providers have coverage in your area.