Internet Service Providers in South Africa

ISP! Internet Service Providers! We know that shopping for internet can be a tough project. Yes! A project indeed! It involves a massive amount of research and comparison before taking the plunge and settling on an option. Fibre Network Operators, LTE and data are a few of the terms you’ll suddenly be exposed to when you start your journey.

Let’s break it down to make it easier for you.  

In 2020 the popular connection options, based on your area is Fibre or LTE. Fibre connections are fixed to an area with cabling through a Fibre Network Operator and data provided by an ISP while your LTE deal is a wireless connection provided through your internet service provider that allows a connection between network towers. If you notice the side of your roads being dug up and cables laid, you might have fibre infrastructure in your area. There will be a single Fibre Network Operator (FNO) in your area that can provide the physical cabling to your home. 

With this option, you will be able to choose an Internet Service Provider to assist you with data packages but more on that later. The alternate, an LTE deal works a bit differently; again, based on your coverage of network towers in your area, you might have LTE coverage. LTE provides a wireless connection between network towers that allow data to pass through. On this type of connection, you don’t require cabling but merely a wireless LTE router and a SIM card from the provider to give you data.

If you’ve decided on the type of internet connection you require, choosing an Internet Service Provider is the next step. Over recent years, there have been multiple ISP’s that have introduced themselves to the market. While cellular networks like Vodacom and MTN have been around and retained its popularity, the uprising of home broadband and internet connection demand in the digital age has taken off and continues to grow, we’ve also seen the rise of providers like Supersonic, MWEB and VOX; pushing the boundaries with amazing deals that really stretches our Rands.

Let’s look at a few great Internet Services provider and what they can bring to the table with your internet shopping experience:


Supersonic, owned by MTN but run independently has seen much growth over the last year with great deals like their 120GB for R399 or Fibre for R599pm.  The service provider, of both LTE and fibre deals rose to stardom in late 2018, aspiring to bring customers an effortless internet experience by providing great customer service and excellent stability when it comes to a great internet connection. Backed by MTN; one of the best network providers in SA, you can be sure to experience equally amazing service with broadband products at home and on-the-go. Supersonic looks to provide an effortless experience with their Fibre offering, allowing the customer to voice their needs and advise technicians of their requirements when it comes to internet at home. You can opt for month-to-month services that offer freedom to upgrade and downgrade depending on your needs for the month.


Telkom is no secret! Providing endless options to the people, you can choose between several products; mobile, broadband and fixed options. Telkom provides affordable options like 20GB for R249 and fantastic fibre from R799. Telkom is one the biggest providers of internet solutions in the country, with coverage that spans over large areas. You’re likely to find coverage in most area. Focused on balancing work and play, Telkom offers a range of capped, uncapped and once off LTE bundles, giving you more options to suit yours and your family’s lifestyle no matter what your requirements are.


MTN has predominantly retained is position in the mobile network industry providing LTE data. The data is suitable for home use as MTN provides the likes of 60GB for R699 per month for a reliable and stable connection. Take along your data with this LTE option and plug-and-play not only at your home but also on the go.