Is fibre in my area? Fibre packages and benefits

18 October 2021

We get it – there are a handful of internet options around these days. So, why choose fibre optic internet? If there is fibre in your area and you’re still struggling with other internet providers — it’s time to make the switch. Offering faster, more reliable and curated packages, Best Internet shows you how to find out if your area is fibre-ready and lists the benefits of it.

What is fibre?

Fibre is made up of ultra-thin optic cables that are grouped together and sealed by a glass or plastic covering. These cables are manually installed underground by internet service providers (ISPs) to bring your home and suburb an internet connection. Fibre can provide some of the fastest and most reliable speeds around. Ever heard of the saying “as fast as the speed of light?” Well, fibre optic cables transmit data to your home through lightning-fast light pulses. That’s a lotta light and superfast speed.

How do I check for fibre in my area?

Don’t worry, you won’t have to go digging on the side of the road to find out if your area is fibre-ready! In fact, a quick chat with Google is all you need to do to find out if you’re eligible for fibre coverage. If you’re living in major cities like Cape Town, Durban, Jo’burg or Port Elizabeth, your chances of fibre to the home are high. Nonetheless, you can check if your area is fibre-ready with Best Internet’s coverage map by simply typing in your address.

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5 benefits of fibre at home or work

1. Incomparable speeds

We’re suckers for fast internet, and you don’t really understand how frustrating slow internet can be until you’re sitting at your laptop waiting for a simple web page or video to load. Fibre offers speeds of up to 1 gigabit of data per second (1,000 Mbps), which is up to 20x faster than WiFi speeds. Let’s put it this way: If you were downloading an HD movie using a fibre connection at 1-Gbps, it would only take 40 seconds. Quick, huh?

2. No throttling

Throttling is a technique used by many internet service providers that involves them deliberately slowing down your internet connection when the demand is high. They often don’t disclose this — because it seems unfair, right? With fibre, throttling is generally not something you have to worry about because it is less susceptible to demand overloads. This is because of the technology used in fibre cables versus radio wavelengths with data and WiFi.

3. Uncapped Packages

If you’re looking for fibre for your business or if you work from home, this is one of features you’ll appreciate the most. Imagine being cut off during an important Zoom meeting because your fibre package has reached its monthly data limit?! Embarrassing and frustrating. Best Internet has a number of exciting fibre packages that include frustration-free, uncapped data.

4. Easy installation

If your area is sorted with fibre coverage, the installation process is easy. Your chosen service provider will just need to deliver your router and install it in your home. Many of Best Internet’s fibre packages offer free routers and installation. Even better!

5. Quality TV and streaming

TVs these days no longer come with a slightly grainy screen and a gigantic box attached to the back and, although the nostalgic feel of an old TV is comforting, the low quality display isn’t. Smart TVs today come in HD or 4K formats — which means you’re going to need a fast and reliable internet connection to enjoy these technologies to the fullest.

There’s no comparison when it comes to fibre coverage. It’s reliable, affordable, and makes use of the latest internet technology to bring you lightning-fast speeds.

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