Looking for the best fibre deals in SA in 2022? Here’s what you need to know.

04 April 2022

Optic fibre has fast become the world’s top choice in the internet world. Why? Well, it’s hard to beat a technology that’s faster than any other broadband type — and offers a sense of reliability that isn’t shaken by bad weather, physical objects or theft. If you’re looking to change to fibre or new to browsing for internet packages altogether, Best Internet is here to share all you need to know about fibre as well as provide our best fibre deals.

Best Internet’s top fibre deals for the home



Data Caps

Price per month



10 – 1,000 Mbps


From R554

Free installation, activation and router


10 – 1,000 Mbps


From R495

Free to use router 
and setup


10 – 1,000 Mbps


From R799

Free router

Cell C

10 – 100 Mbps


From R599

Free Wi-Fi router, installation and connection

Your top ten questions about fibre, answered

1. What does FTTH mean?

Don’t worry, this isn’t technical jargon. “FTTH” simply means fibre-to-the-home to differentiate between individual fibre deals for the home and office.

2. What does FTTB mean?

“FTTB” stands for fibre-to-the-business, which are fibre deals specifically catered towards offices or work spaces that have plenty of devices and people needing access to the internet.

3. Can I use a FTTH package for my business?

Nope. Fibre for the home and for the office have different specifications. However, if you work from your couch or your home office — you don’t need to change your fibre package to a business package. Working remotely is different to operating a business or office from home.

4. Is 5G faster than fibre?

In some cases, fibre is faster than 5G, however, it depends on your fibre operator, your network provider and what your fibre package includes.

For Vodacom, the maximum 5G upload speed was around 72 Mbps and the maximum download speed was 514 Mbps.

For MTN customers, the maximum upload speed is 105 Mbps and for downloads, it is 523 Mbps.

The highest fibre speeds in South Africa for fibre range between 800 – 1,000 Mbps, showing just how high the quality of fibre is in South Africa.

5. Is fibre expensive?

Fibre is known to be the best internet connection type in terms of speed, high bandwidth and reliability. Optic fibre is also a fairly new internet technology that includes glass cables instead of copper.

Speeds move like lightening compared to older versions of fibre internet.

That’s why fibre prices are slightly higher than Wi-Fi or satellite, however, the benefits of fibre are second-to-none.

6. Which is the cheapest fibre package?

The price of your fibre package depends on your fibre operator and your bandwidth speed. The lower your bandwidth speed, the higher your chances are of having a cheaper package.

With Best Internet, packages start from R495 per month which have 10 Mbps download speeds and 5 Mbps upload speeds.

7. Why are some ISPs more expensive than others?

Internet service providers charge different prices for a variety of reasons, many of which are not available for customers to know about.

After all, information and the technology used to provide high speed internet are propriety! Some ISP’s have better and more infrastructure; some fibre packages include extras like a router and installation; and some prices are dependent on demand in that area.

8. Is there month to month fibre?

We love the term “no contracts”! Telkom began offering prepaid fibre using Openserve as an operator in November 2021 with no contract obligations.

9. Is fibre available in my area?

It’s easy to find out! Use our intuitive coverage map to find out if your area is fibre-ready.

10. Is fibre better than Wi-Fi?

We’ll be honest, there are pros and cons to both fibre and Wi-Fi. But fibre provides more reliability than a wireless connection. Although going wireless offers flexibility and portability, fibre is not as affected by bad weather, interference or network issues.

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