Looking for the best uncapped fibre deals in 2021?

16 August 2021


If you’re on the hunt for great uncapped fibre in 2021 — this is the guide for you.  
When it comes to South Africa’s best uncapped fibre, there’s a lot out there to choose from.  
And you want to commit to the right deal the first time around.  

Choosing the right fibre deal comes down to your personal internet connection needs.  
Maybe you’re on the hunt for a reliable provider, with excellent customer service.  
Are you in search of the fastest fibre speeds around?  
Of course, unless money is no object, you’re probably in search of affordable fibre. 

We’re going to break down the basics about uncapped fibre, with a guide to South Africa’s best uncapped fibre deals and the most affordable packages around.  

And if you’re looking for even more information and comparisons on the greatest fibre deals, take a look at Best Internet’s fibre page. 

What’s the difference between capped and uncapped fibre?

So, you’ve made your mind up — you want uncapped fibre internet!  
Faster speeds than DSL or cable internet, clearer transmissions, greater bandwidth, and overall, the best kind of internet connection technology has to offer. With fibre internet, you can game, stream, upload, download, work, and future-proof yourself all in one purchase. 
But what is “capped” or “uncapped” fibre? 

Capped fibre explained

How does capped fibre work? 
If you’re purchasing capped fibre, you get set amount of GB’s (data units) and bandwidth (maximum amount of data transfer on a line over time) every month. You pay for a certain amount, and once it’s done, you won’t have any more internet connection, that month, for you.  
Some Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) give you the option of “topping up” your bandwidth, so you can keep surfing if you run out. And, while some ISP’s allow bandwidth to “roll over” to the next month — in most cases you start fresh each month with your pre-agreed and paid-for package.  
What’s more, capped fibre deals usually make use of a “content ratio”. This is the potential maximum allowance for a fibre line. For the majority of capped fibre lines, you’ll be sharing your line with a set number of people, and have your own allowance, or portion of the network. This means, if all the allocated fibre line users are online at the same time, you could see slower speeds.  


Uncapped fibre explained

How does uncapped fibre work? 
With an uncapped fibre internet package, you never run out of GB’s, and you’re free to be online as much as you like. You also won’t need to top up on data.  
While you will still share your line with some other users (content ratio), usually uncapped fibre lines are allocated to fewer people, meaning you can almost always anticipate great internet speeds and connection.  
For both capped and uncapped fibre it’s important to note that some ISP’s have a Fair Usage Policy (FUP). This means, if your Internet Service Provider notes you’re using an excessive amount of bandwidth, they may slow your connection down to ensure their other network users are also getting the connection they deserve.  

The best uncapped fibre

What’s the best fibre deal in South Africa? 
Which ISP’s offer the best uncapped fibre? Here are our top 3 picks for most popular packages.  

1. RSAWeb Uncapped Fibre 25-25 

25Mbps uncapped fibre  
25Mbps upload speed  
25Mbps download speed  
1GB data  
1 LTE SIM & 1 GB data. Free setup and router. 


2. OnAir Uncapped Fibre 10-10 

10Mbps uncapped fibre 
10Mbps upload speed  
10Mbps download speed  
Router included with free installation.  

3. Vox Uncapped Fibre 10-10 

10Mbps uncapped fibre 
10Mbps upload speed  
10Mbps download speed  
Router included with free installation.  

While Best Internet has a wide range of deals and ISP’s available — you still need to check which providers have laid fibre in your area, but you can do that on our Coverage Map.  

Once you know who is available in your area, take a look at our best-selling uncapped fibre deals. 


The cheapest uncapped fibre

What is the cheapest uncapped Internet in South Africa?  

Here are some incredible, cheap fibre deals. 

1. OnAir Uncapped Fibre 4-4 

4Mbps uncapped fibre  
4Mbps upload speed  
4Mbps download speed  
Free installation to the value of R1,725. 
Uncapped, unshaped bandwidth.  
No Fair Use Policy. 
Free to use Wi-Fi router. 


2. RSAWeb Uncapped Fibre 10-5 

10Mbps uncapped fibre  
5Mbps upload speed  
10Mbps download speed  


3. OnAir Uncapped Fibre10-10

10Mbps uncapped fibre  
10Mbps upload speed  
10Mbps download speed  
Router included with free installation. 

These reliable Internet Service Providers give you the opportunity to access fibre-speeds at an incredible price.  


How do I find the best uncapped fibre deals for me?

Which fibre deals are better?  
That depends on your needs. No matter which uncapped fibre deal you pick, you’ll still have access to the best type of internet connection available today.  
Fibre beats nearly all its competitors in terms of speed, future-proofing, greater bandwidth capabilities and clarity.  
Ultimately, if you purchase your fibre from a reputable ISP, all you have to be concerned about is your budget and the amount of data you require.  
If you’ve still got questions about fibre, have a look at our FAQ’s section for quick answers to common questions.