LTE Benefits at Home

14 July 2020

The world is changing; a little more each day during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since March 2020, we have seen a slowing down of activity. “Stay at home, stay safe” has become the modern-day living slogan and if you have abided by it, you would have noticed that many everyday items are no longer in use, as much as they used to be. You might only use your vehicle to the shops once or twice a week or your make-up remains in your cupboard for the better part of the month. However, items like your stove are being used more often, sometimes a few times in the day. But with the ebb and flow of restrictions in our country constantly changing you might be floating between your home and attempting to settle back into “normal” life. When it comes to choosing an internet connection, we’re looking at why a month to month LTE deal might be the option during this pandemic: 


Plug-and-play is as simple as it gets! There is no installation required with this option and you can avoid the admin around arranging for installation appointments and paranoia of having strangers on your property during COVID-19. Order online and have your month to month LTE package delivered with instructions on how to do it yourself!  


If you are venturing out “there”, leaving your reliable Fibre or ADSL connection at home, you don’t want to be caught with large data bills from your cell phone service provider! You should opt for an LTE deal to take with you! One of the benefits of LTE is being portable, so you can connect your devices on the go. Laptops or cell phones can connect to your LTE deal-making life simple and affordable!  


The harsh reality of living through the COVID-19 pandemic is that many people have been affected financially during this time. Work from home and the need for an internet connection are still hot topics currently. A month to month LTE deal is perfect if you need an internet connection to work from home and want to keep it affordable and without a long term commitment like a fibre deal. Fibre usually requires installation and a fixed-term contract, which can become an overpriced affair if you’re looking for something simple. A month to month LTE deal allows you to experience the best of both worlds; connect to work from home, and connect to your mobile device when you’re out while having the freedom to change your mind about your internet connection if you need to, without the consequences of breaching a contract.