MTN packages: Fast internet for the home

13 December 2021

The search for fast, reliable internet for your home ends here. MTN, one of South Africa’s biggest mobile network operators, is kickstarting 2022 with epic LTE deals. Best Internet takes a closer look at Africa’s largest mobile network as well as the benefits of LTE internet.

Five facts you need to know about MTN

  • MTN is the largest network in Africa! With over 280 million customers and counting, it continues to grow worldwide. In fact, it is also the 8th largest network operator in the world!

  • More than one-third of all of MTN’s customers (about 35%) are from one country only: Nigeria.

  • MTN started its LTE development in Africa 10 years ago, in 2012.

  • MTN was founded in 1994, the same year South Africa had its first democratic elections when Nelson Mandela was elected president.

  • In 2018, MTN was named the most valuable brand in South Africa, beating ABSA, Woolworths, Sasol, Multichoice, Vodacom and more.

Your questions about LTE, answered

What is LTE internet?
LTE, which stands for Long Term Evolution, also known as 4G, is an upgrade to the 3G technology most mobile devices have had for the last few years. LTE is a wireless technology using radio wavelength that travel through the air which moves large amounts of data from a server to your router.

Is LTE better than Wi-Fi?
Each kind of internet has its pros and cons, but one of the best features of 4G LTE is the fact that it is much faster than normal Wi-Fi, DSL and its predecessor 3G. LTE has a lower latency rate, meaning it has less speed bumps along the way when transferring your data. If it’s fast internet you’re looking for – and it is – then LTE is a winning choice!

What kind of speeds can you expect with LTE?
Every network is different depending on their infrastructure and we can’t forget the weather sometimes plays a role in its seamlessness, but LTE averages around 50 Mbps.

Is LTE more expensive than other internet alternatives?
As we said, every kind of internet has its pros and cons. Newer technology and infrastructure and faster speeds sometimes means slightly higher prices. However, most networks offer different LTE packages for every budget.

MTN’s top LTE for-the-home packages

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Ready to get your work-from-home office started? Or maybe you can finally host that gaming session with you and your best friends? Either way, MTN’s LTE deals are set to give your web surfing sessions the kick they need.

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