Online content tools and resources:

03 June 2020

In 2020, content is king! We consume online content for the most parts of our days. Whether its social media and informational content on websites, photo imagery forms a major part of this and makes content more attractive, setting the stage for a great reading experience. Along with online imagery, photographs are the best way to capture memories that are close to us. Thinking back to the old times of studios and printed content, vintage albums leaves us feeling nostalgic about a time that has long passed. In the 21st century, pictures are much simpler! You no longer need to wait endlessly to get pictures printed or worry about that photo with a blemish on your face! During these times, we are armed with our mobiles and digital cameras that can turn the most technologically challenged individual into an amateur photographer. Pair that with a great photo editing tool and fibre internet connection and you’ll have a perfect set of images without offering an arm and a leg!    

We’ve put together a few online content tools for you 


Canva allows you to create beautiful online designs. It’s free to use but also provides a paid version that hosts a wide range of other features and content for you to use. Canva offers you free templates that are perfect if you’re an individual that has just started a small business or created a brand. Create Facebook posts, business cards, logos and flyers all from one place! Sign up on Canva and use it as your design hub to create your brand. You’ll find images, text and music to use in your designs and store for later use. Even if you’re simply looking for a free way to customise your CV or create a cover letter, Canva has many options for you.  


Picsart provides web image tools along with a large library of stock images so you can get the best of both worlds! Upload an image and edit till your heart’s content! From effects to filers, you can make the smallest of changes for the largest impact or take the “go big or go home approach” and exploit features like background changer and beautify effects. Picsart is free however the Gold version ($3.99 per month) provides you with additional features like the video editor, all access to premium fonts and exclusive beautify tools. If you’re on the fence, take advantage of the 30-day free trial before you decide. Other features from the tool are collage makers and meme generators and an array of effects that you can use on personal images or utilise the library’s diverse stock image selection.


Unsplash a free stock image site that provides stunning high-resolution images for you to use! You can download these images for your website or other types of content and credit the photographer if you wish as these images are free. Search via topic or explore to discover collections and wallpapers. Unsplash was founded in 2013 and has grown over the last 7 years, hosting over a million images and surpassing over a billion downloads in August 2019. Unsplash API partners, with the likes of Trello, Adobe and Google, utilising their images, so you may be familiar with some of Unsplash content if you use these! If it’s good enough for them, then it’s good enough for us! 


Shutterstock provides an array of stock images, footage and music that can be used for all creative purposes that includes need for corporate content. You can find almost anything you’re looking forShutterstock starts you off with a free 30-day trial run, offering 10 images per month. If you decide to cancel, you keep your images! Pricing varies depending on your preference for the number of users but can range from $49.99 to $379 per month which can be considered quite steep. However, the benefits weigh out quite evenly. You get licence coverage for multiple users which cover you from copyright issues and keeps you legally protected! Having over a million new pieces of content uploaded each week allows you access to the newest content available!  

Go ahead and give these options a try and let us know your favourite ones! We love seeing new content so let us know if you’ve used any of these tools to create something amazing!