Online home business ideas

07 October 2020

With the impact of COVID-19 affecting the livelihoods of South Africans, many individuals have seen their budgets radically change. Loss of income in some way; retrenchment and salary cuts have made life even more burdensome on a daily basis, having to keep up with demands from your family and employers if you managed to maintain your job.

While certain industries are still within lockdown restrictions, South Africa is a resourceful country and if there is one thing that we can maintain is the spirit to persevere within demanding times.

Best Internet has put together a quick guide on home business ideas you can start. With a handy LTE internet connection and a phone/laptop, the world is at your fingertips. 

Online Home Business Ideas


Video content is still underrated in 2020, however we consume all types of entertainment and information on a daily basis, whether it’s between meetings or when you need to learn how to do something easily and quickly; we often consult a YouTube video for a quick fix.

The great news for new business starters is that, a YouTube channel is free of charge! Try to think of things you are good at doing; maybe you create beautiful hand-made crafts or tell great stories. Maybe you can jive to some slick beats and feel that people out there would enjoy this content. There is no harm in trying. Build up your channel by sharing it with friends and your social media accounts.

Once you’ve built up a following you will be able to make some moolah through YouTube Partner Program which will help you get paid from advertisements through your page.

Craft and sell online:

There have been numerous pop-up businesses advertised through the likes of social media and word of mouth. Individuals creating beautiful baked goods and crafts.

With the state of lockdown in the country, people are struggling to purchase goods at high prices, but thanks to various local businesses, you can still enjoy a pristine birthday cake for half the price that you would purchase at the shops. If you have a talent for creating these types of goods you can always offer them to public for a good rate. Find a recipe you love and perfect it to create something amazing.

You can also put up handy tips and tricks onto a YouTube channel and promote your business along the way.


If you have a special technical skill and have been let go by your place of employment, you can always offer your services to people online.

Starting your business and slowly recruiting other people like yourself to join and expand your circle. Graphic designers, coders and copywriters are vital to the working world and will always be needed no matter the state of affairs.

You can offer your services overseas, so long as you have a trusty internet connection.

Become a reseller:

There are many reseller models out there! South Africans always have a mate of a mate that requires something or the other!

Herbalife, Nu-Skin and Tupperware are a few of the many big brands out there that allow you to make money off your services. Find a product that suits you and your lifestyle and start offering it to your friends and family, before you know you it, you might have their friends contacting you for products.

Do you have some home and online business tips? Share them below.