Project Management Tools

14 May 2020

Project Management tools have been used in organisations for a while now. Keeping teams on their toes and allowing for steady collaboration on projects, these tools are used daily; more now than ever! COVID-19 has forced many organisations to slow down and minimise team’s interactions but with tools like these, we find ourselves still maintaining order and understanding when it comes to tasks. We’ve researched a few of these tools if you’re looking to implement this type of system in your business, team or simply for yourself to enable productivity during this time and going forward. All you need is a laptop, internet connection like fibre and to sign up for one of the below: 


If you feel counter-productive and frustrated daily when it comes to your work tasks and projects; then Asana might just be the answer for you. Asana is a colourful and vibrant project management tool that allows you to create projects and tasks online that you can manage in various ways, increase productivity and place in some system for your team or yourself in generalTrusted by some big names like NASA and Deloitte, Asana promises a platform where you can create structured plans and priorities in the form of projects while creating deadlines and setting goals/targets and to-dos within those projects. Use their custom templates or create your own to have complete control of how your project and the details are set up. Asana lets you switch up views to lists or calendars to allow you a comfortable experience depending on your viewing preferences. Set up your project and add sub-topics and tasks within them to simplify your project and spread the work out to your teammates or keep track for yourself. Provide details and have discussions within these tasks to ensure solidarity on a topic and avoid unnecessary banter within a teamThere are several other features to enjoy within Asana to increase your productivity levels!  

There are 4 plans available ranging from Basic to Enterprise for larger corporations that offer high level management and tracking options to keep a range of teams in check. Each plan offers more features and allows for larger teams/increased users. There is something for everyone including a price range. The basic option is free to useaccommodating up to 15 members and can integrate with some of your other apps like Gmail and Microsoft 365. Premium and Business options come in after and range at $10,99 and $24,99 with features like advanced search options reporting and portfolios respectively. Asana also boasts a mobile app available on both iOS and Apple. is a top choice for many teams when it comes to project management tools. Also, highly trusted within the industry by the likes of CarlsbergWework and Discovery. is a paid tool and provides several options after their free trial; depending on the number or users and the term in which you would like to use the tool. Starting off at $25 a month that is billed annually, you get several features like unlimited boards, 24-hour customer support and whiteboard integration.  The tool primarily works off a workspace/project system that comprises of a board system within it which you can use to create “pulses” which contain your tasks. Within your tasks, you can create checklists for sub-tasks and add notes and files to update your teammates. The tool is great to track productivity and time keeping as well as an inbox feature which updates you personally on changes and new tasks you’ve been allocated. An added benefit of is the guest viewing feature. You may add external personnel to view updates that concern them, without actual having them on your Monday teams. This feature works off email where they receive updates regarding tasks and projects. also offers a mobile app to help you keep track of your projects  


Trello is one of the funkier and friendlier project management tools we love!  It works primarily off a board system. You can create multiple public collaborative boardsteam-based boards and personal ones for your own projects, simple daily to-dos or even themed boards to plan an event, a holiday or your home and family life system. Team-based boards work like any other collaborative tool where users can be invited to sign up via email, assigned tasks and receive notifications for it. Your board will comprise of many lists known as cards with tasks or to-dos within these lists. Depending on your preferences, you can set up these up however you want to, by project or day or even week. The tool is free to use and you have a limited amount of options, but with the free version the basics are covered like unlimited boards and cardsThe paid versions; Business class at $9,99 per month annually and Enterprise at $20,83 per month for 61 users. Pricing on the Enterprise option change depending on number of users are increased. You can pay a mere $5,92 per month for up to 5000 users. The paid versions offer several “Power Ups” like different viewsapp integrations and added security.  



JIRA is a project management tool predominantly used in development teams. Agile in nature, the tool is fairly user friendly and interactive enough for teams within that industry. With a simple dashboard overview, you can place tasks in known as “issues” into workflows which hosts the project. All interconnected matters on projects sit here. Like other project management tools, it is highly efficient in teamwork and interaction between teammates creating collaborative environments online and keeping all parties up to date. The tool has an endless number of features that cater to software development teams and benefit them with various tasks. JIRA is free to use with a limited number of features like customisable workflows, automation on single projects and roadmaps for up to 10 users. The paid versions: standard at $25,350 per month and premium cater up to 5000 users and can get pricey, up to $36,150 per month. The standard option offers features like audit logs and anonymous access while you get the whole shebang with Premium offering you 24/7 support, unlimited storage, admin insights and automation on multiple projects.  

Do you have a favourite or recommend another tool? Let us know in the comments!