Supersonic Internet Deals

10 June 2020

Supersonic internet deals are just so simple! If you’re looking for easy application and quick response, Supersonic is the Internet Service Provider you’ve been looking for!  

Supersonic understands customer perspective and wants to change the way an internet connection is perceived. Forget the difficult jargon and get connected fast and easily! These days the internet is a gateway to modern technology where you find convenience and entertainment at your fingertips!  

Specialising in Fibre and LTE deals, you can get the best of both worlds! We’ve picked three fantastic deals to choose from in order to get started with your internet journey: 

Fibre is the future! If your area is covered, you can opt for a fantastic fixed line option that minimises cable theft and increases your internet speeds! Get Supersonic 10Mbps Uncapped Fibre deal, month to month for only R645 with standard installation and activation! A 10Mbps line will get you great speeds for around 3 to 5 devices, HD streaming and video chat!  

Struggling with Fibre infrastructure? Then LTE is for you! LTE gives you the ultimate internet freedom you need from an internet package! You can still experience the best speeds and uninterrupted connection with LTE Supersonic deal on a 150GB + 150GB Night, 24-month package for R799! Top-Up bundles are offered and easily loaded via the customer portal or choose to have them loaded automatically every month. Supersonic promises quick and easy delivery to get you going!  

Sometimes a Fibre connection is not the answer. While we understand that it’s “nice to have”, you may not truly understand the true benefits of a Fibre internet connection if you aren’t a regular user at home. If you travel a lot for work or do not spend enough time online while at home, then Fibre may not be for you.  A Supersonic LTE deal in this case is the answer! You can opt for a 60GB and 60GB Night, on a 24-month contract for R399 a month. The plan is great for a single user, allowing ample data for your browsing needs, music stream and the occasional Netflix binge. The 60GB of Night data is perfect if you’re a night-owl or consumer that works at night!  

If you’re still stuck for choice, let our agents assist by asking you a few simple questions to advise you on your best bet!