The Best Fibre Deals - For You

24 May 2021

Fibre is now the most reliable source of internet connectivity in world. Whether you're an avid gamer, streaming Justin Bieber music, binge-watching Benders on Netflix, or simply WFH finding the best internet deal is now a top priority. And, it’s more affordable than you think. 

Shopping for a great fibre deal, that ticks all the right boxes, is tiresome and time-consuming. Not to mention boring. When checking out the internet service providers (ISPs) in your area, these are some basics that you need to consider: infrastructure; fibre coverage, and information. In this article, we unpack how these factors affect you 


Getting fibre it isn’t as simple as activating an average LTE package. High tech fibre cables need to be installed around you, before you can connect. The build and installation can take a bit of time, so you may need to wait for your fibre line to be live.  

Even if the fibre cables aren’t installed in your area, you can still pre-order through an ISP and get to the front of the line. Use our advanced and up to date coverage checker to see if your area covered.  

Preparing for fibre infrastructure is a complex ball game. Your suburb has to be approved by your local municipality before the ISP contractors are allowed to get going

Installing new fibre infrastructure includes: 

  • Digging trenches and installing fibre cables  
  • Multiple site checks and inspections to ensure that the infrastructure is up to standard. 
  • Connecting the fibre cables to a centrally placed node*. 
  • Linking fibre cables from the nodes up to your house (via distribution cables). 
  • Your chosen ISP will then provide you with a router and activate your fibre.

Fibre Node:

A Fibre node is a connection or redistribution point. It is a centralized electrical device, attached to a network, that is able to receive, transfer and create information through a communication channel. Fiber to the node aids in providing broadband connection and other data services through the common network boxes (i.e.: fibre nodes). 

Below is a table of approximate timelines for installation, from our best-known providers: 


Fibre Coverage 

So we’ve covered how fibre infrastructure works. Check. We’re on our way to finding the best fibre deal in your area which also means finding the best fibre provider. 

Even with so many ISPs in the market, there is no guarantee that they are all readily available in your area. Fibre first needs to be installed before compatibility with an ISP can be determined. 

Each ISP works according to their own pricing structure, speed offerings and quality of connection. Terms of service and support are also unique to each ISP and the area that they cover.  

Check which ISPs are available in your area: Click Coverage Checker 


Complexities of infrastructure and complications with availability, mean that finding the best fibre deals near you can become frustrating. With so much information available online, it’s easy to get confused with all the options. No matter who you are, it can be difficult to find the right fibre package.  

Try find resources that explain things quickly and easily. Best Internet seamlessly filters all available fibre deals into what's applicable to you according to your location. You're able to compare ISPs, network speeds and pricing on one platform. We’re also the most up to date when it comes to coverage checks. 

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Wrapping up - location and infrastructure are key variables when finding the best fibre offerings. Best Internet gives you great information and best deals in your area Check out our fibre deals here.