1000Mbps Fibre


1000Mbps Fibre


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Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

Best Internet aims to provide for your internet needs all in a single place! Simply check your coverage to see product availability and submit your contact details for a call back! It’s as simple as that!

How long does it take?

The vetting process depends directly on the service provider approval timings, but delivery and installation of your deal can take between 5-10 days once approved by the chosen service provider.

Do you have a physical office I can visit?

We are an online store and do not have physical premises. You can contact us on our channels via our Contact Us Page. Visit our Facebook Page here.

Why choose Best Internet?

Best Internet serves as a resource to assist you during your internet shopping journey. We know that learning and browsing through deals can be daunting for you as a consumer, therefore we help you directly, to find the best Internet deal for you based on your coverage and choice. Our friendly consultants are on hand to help you with your questions and get you the service you deserve!

How can I track my order?

Need to know where your order is? Simply contact our friendly customer care department or drop us a private message via our Facebook page with your details.

Why pay an installation and/or activation fee?

While many providers cover the cost of these fees, there are times where you’ll be asked to pay a fee towards installation and/or activations. These fees cover the cost of cabling and any additional physical work that needs to be done on your property as well as the ONT box that your fibre line connects to. The activation fees come into play when getting you connected to an internet service. These costs are directly dependent on the providers.

What you will need?


Check your coverage to see what products your area covers. If you opt for fibre, ensure that you have a Fibre to the Home line.


Depending on your chosen deal you may or may not be offered a router. If you opt not take one through your service provider, ensure that you have the correct type for your connection I.e a WAN (Wide Area Network) router or a service provider approved LTE router.

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