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You need an internet connection! So, now what?  Best Internet is here to help you find the best suited internet deal for you! Simply start off with using our handy coverage map to check what type of connection and which services providers can assist you.

Populate your address into the search bar and we identify what is available in your area! Best Internet will let you know if you’re Fibre enabled, or LTE covered. If you’re covered, click on the order button.  You will be directed to a page to learn who your Fibre provider is and will be asked to select an Internet Service Provider. Click on your preferred provider to view your package options. If you are LTE covered, you will be shown a preferred Internet Service Provider for your area.  Once you have selected your package options, click on the “Get This Deal” button and fill your name, surname, contact number and email address.  


Agent calls you back

You should be prepared for a call back from one of our friendly sales agents within 2-3 business days. Your sales agent will confirm your coverage, Internet Service Provider and all relevant deal details. You will also be asked a few questions to confirm your details to complete your application in order to complete the process.


Order is Placed

Following your call back with one of the Best Internet sales agents, you should receive confirmation details of your application and order number. Please note that your application has now been sent through to the relevant Internet Service Provider for the vetting process which is mandatory with all Internet Service Providers.


Provider will confirm

Your chosen service provider will vet your application based on their criteria and regulations. You will be contacted to confirm your details once again and will be advised of the process further along with other matters like billing, delivery and installation. Once the vetting process is complete, you will receive approval and notifications regarding your installation and delivery details. Note that the procedure of Fibre installation and LTE deals work differently from each other.


Provider will install

Following the approval of your Fibre Network Operator and your Internet Service Provider, you will be contacted to set up a time for your fantastic new Fibre installation! Installation times may vary based on various factors that are dependent on both your property and the Fibre Network Operator. These factors and variables will be communicated to you if necessary. Once your installation is completed, you will be assisted with getting your devices connected and you’re good to go! If you have opted for an LTE deal, you’re in for a very simple process; plug-and-play! LTE simply requires an approved router and a SIM card. You will simply need to insert the card into the device and await activation. Times vary by Internet Service Provider and can take anything from 24 to 72 hours.