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Frequently asked questions:

Internet speed is the amount of data packets transferred through a connection in a given time period.
That’s a little confusing — so, let’s break it down a bit.

Any device that's connected to the internet sends information to — and receives information from — the internet. This happens in the form of "electronic packets".
A packet is defined as a unit of data or information.

So essentially, everything you do online (and how fast you can do it) depends on the transfer and speed of these packets from the internet to your device.

And, as the world moves into more virtual spaces for education, health care, work, and entertainment —having a fast, reliable internet connection from a trusted provider is more of a necessity than a luxury.

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Doing an internet speed test helps you make sure you're getting the most out of your connection. So, if you’re paying for a 100Mbps and not getting 100Mbps — it may be time to contact your ISP and figure out why.
And, knowing your current internet speed requirements also helps you find the best package for your needs. If you currently have a 25Mbps connection, and your internet is buffering, lagging and dragging — it may be time to use our Speed Wizard to see what speed suits your needs.

In general, a good speed is dependent on how many users and devices are connected to your internet.
For example, a 25Mbps line would be ideal for a household of 3-4 people casually browsing and using approximately 7-9 devices — which includes smart devices, gaming consoles and laptops or computers.
Internet speeds are generally shown in terms of download speed, but internet upload speed is also important when choosing an internet package — especially for those who work from home.

Remember when we mentioned that devices send and receive data from the internet? Well, that’s upload and download speed. When your device sends information to the internet that’s upload speed (like uploading a picture to Facebook) — but, when you’re scrolling your timeline or checking your mails (getting information from the ‘net) your device is downloading content, images and text.

Here is a breakdown of the various internet speeds and what they can be used for:

Internet speed Useful for:

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There are several types internet connections available, and each has varying speeds.
They are:

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