Best LTE Providers

21 May 2020

Migrating to another internet solution can sometimes be a frightening experience. Considering the slow shut down of ADSL lines and the lack of fibre infrastructure in most areas. An LTE deal is the best bet you have!  

If you’re unfamiliar with this internet connection type; LTE is a wireless service that connects to towers all over the country through wireless signals so you can simply plug and play! Data is moved through an internet protocol system which can move large chunks of data quickly.   

LTE has several benefits that outweigh a fixed internet solution, like portability and no installation costs so even if you have other choices, it has advantages over other connection types. We’ve put together a list of the best LTE providers available in South Africa: 


Supersonic; an MTN network product sparked attention in the later months of 2019 offering fantastic 4G/LTE deals. Built on the MTN network, you can be sure to have a steady and reliable connection with lightning speeds. Supersonic provides you with a device and SIM that operates on a simple plug-and-play method allowing you to connect to super-fast internet. Get up to 70Mbps download and 25Mbps upload speed, weathertower distance and router dependent, you can connect 32 devices at a time! We love Supersonic for its unwavering stability and coverage! Get a 60GB + 60GB LTE deal with Supersonic for only R399 per month!  


Telkom provides one of the largest telecommunications services in the country so you can be sure to receive the best as an internet solution! From fixed telephone connections to Fibre, Telkom has everything in between including the infrastructure for LTE!  Telkom offers both capped and uncapped deals for your needs, whether it's shopping online or working from home! Telkom provides wider coverage across the country to facilitate your LTE experience. You can opt for an LTE router or go SIM-only and start saving today! Telkom deals include a 20GB +20GB package for R275 that comes with a Huawei router!  


VOX is booming! Between fibre and ADSL, VOX provides seamless LTE services through the Telkom network.  One of the lesser-known options, VOX allows for easy connection on a reliable wireless networkVOX aims to provide top quality service with the growing infrastructure they offer on an LTE plug-and-play router or SIM only deal, advising fibre-like speeds of between 50Mbps-90Mbps! VOX’s super-fast deals start off at R166 per month on a 10GB + 10GB deal.  

These options are great to look at when it comes to South African LTE providers but if you’re still muddled on finding a service to suit your needs or confused about your area’s coverage; let us help make the process easy to get you the best internet solution today!