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Best Internet is here to give the low down on everything LTE–and why you need it. Firstly, what does LTE stand for? LTE stands for "Long Term Evolution", and is most commonly used in connection with 4G –think of it as 4G, but better. Do you want to check if you have LTE coverage? Just click below!

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Best Internet's LTE Providers

To offer you the Best Internet connection – we offer you a range of deals from the top Internet providers in SA!

We also offer some of the best LTE packages – whether you're looking for an affordable deal or something with high speed, we have it all. And the best part about LTE? It's wireless – perfect for those who are always on the go.


See what deals your favourite providers have in store for you – but don't forget to check your LTE coverage.

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What Is LTE Internet?

It's best described as a high-speed, wireless internet solution which offers you up to 10x the speed of 3G. It requires no fixed connection and functions on mobile signals –providing connection to your devices through the radio spectrum. Its simple plug-and-play system gives you an effortless connection to fast internet without the hassle of installation; all you need is an LTE enabled SIM, device and coverage availability in the areas of your choice.

But how does it work?

LTE works through radio frequencies, similar to other connection types such as ADSL. But, unlike older connections, LTE involves moving large amounts of data at once, as opposed to smaller packets of data –to streamline internet service and offer higher speeds. Think of LTE as a highway –there are no speedbumps so you can zoom around quicker, while older connections are more like roads in the suburbs –featuring many speedbumps which will cause you to constantly slow down and accelerate your speed. Not convenient if you’ve got somewhere to go, or something to stream.

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We've done the digging for you!  Why search endlessly for the best LTE deals, when you can just compare the best packages with our comparison table? Your new deal is just a click away.

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60GB - 400GB
Includes activation, delivery, sim card and free to use router
10GB - 220GB
20GB - 100GB
Free Delivery
20GB - Uncapped
40GB - 200GB
100GB - 200GB
Free router and wifi extender

LTE Internet Speed - How fast is it?

There is no true standard to measure the speed of LTE–as line speeds are dependent on the network provider you choose. But on average, LTE speeds average between 10 Megabits per second (Mbps) and 40Mbps.

Download and upload speeds can also vary on one package –meaning you could get a higher download speed and a slower upload speed, or vice versa. This is done to tailor the offer to the user –if you're someone who needs a higher download speed for gaming but not a high upload speed for emailing and sending files, a package like this would be ideal for you –and you can save a few extra rands, too!

Want to know your current line speed?

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Is LTE Internet For Me?

LTE is seen as a superior, high-speed, high - security wireless internet connection which is highly reliable – provided there is a good LTE signal available. But don't take our word for it – check out some of the pros and cons of LTE below

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advantages of LTE

  • Sharing of information between parties is easier with LTE as it supports packet switching.

  • Compared to older connections, users can transfer high amounts of data.

  • It's the best alternative for those who do not have access to Fibre, yet.

  • Save your device's battery –all data exchanges consume less power through LTE–great news for your battery life.

  • It releases the network usage faster –which decreases the load on the network, resulting in less traffic on the network and fewer service crashes.

  • The fast line speed allows you to stream content more easily –enjoy the nail-biting sport action in HD with LTE

  • LTE allows flexibility as you can take your router with you.

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Disadvantages of LTE

  • The quality of LTE signal varies from location and network provider.

  • LTE cannot be used in older versions of smartphones.

  • More infrastructure is needed to make LTE signal more uniform across the country.

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