Supersonic Internet — The Fast, New Kid on the Internet Block

22 November 2021

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it the superhuman version of internet? Looks like it!
The internet world has been shaken up a little more in 2021 with the launch of MTNs Supersonic — a new provider of uber-fast LTE and AirFibre internet. And you know nothing excites us more at Best Internet than good, speedy internet connection at low prices.

But, who is Supersonic internet, and are they really that quick? Read on to find out!
We’ve got the download on everything you need to know about this new ISP, plus the best Supersonic internet packages on the market.

What is Supersonic Internet?

To rival cable network internet providers — MTN launched a new kind of internet in May 2021. This new internet, being sold under the brand name “Supersonic”, is actually a type of “AirFibre”.

What is AirFibre?

AirFibre is a type of internet connection that provides the same speed as fibre networks but doesn’t use fibre optic cables.

Basically – you can now get super quick connect that doesn’t require your pavement to have the traditional fibre optic cables trenched underground. Convenient, right?
This means you can get all the benefits of fibre, without any of the hassle and digging… and digging.

How does AirFibre work?

AirFibre uses the existing open spectrum frequencies MTN has on their cell towers, with upgraded technology to give you the full-fibre experience.

This new technological advancement is being built as premium uncapped internet connection, ranging from 5Mbps to 100Mbps — but because it’s using existing infrastructure, MTN can provide this service at a lower cost, than if they built new fibre networks.

So, you don’t have to fork out loads of cash to get great connectivity.
Supersonic also offers wireless LTE packages for those who prefer the 4G revolution.
LTE is also known for its high speeds over Wi-Fi, satellite internet or its 3G predecessor.

6 things you need to know about Supersonic internet

1. Supersonic’s AirFibre packages are all uncapped.

An internet provider that offers uncapped packages is like a version of Netflix that stops the auto-play: So. Much. Better. Take the stress off of wondering when your data is going to expire, by getting an uncapped line. Think of endless streaming, social media surfing and competitive gaming without the anxiety of lag or buffering.

2. AirFibre has matched speeds, just like traditional fibre.

One of the main reasons people choose fibre optic cables is because the upload and download speeds are matched, meaning the various activities you do on the internet are done with equal speeds. With Supersonic internet, it will take the same amount of time to upload a file, as it will to send it.

3. AirFibre is still affected by weather or physical blockages, unlike underground fibre.

A downside to AirFibre is that it can’t escape the effects of weather, tall buildings or mountains because it is still reliant on radio wavelengths traveling through the air to reach you. Underground fibre doesn’t have this issue — but the good news is, you shouldn’t be affected more than your usual mobile connection.

4. Supersonic LTE has capped and uncapped packages.

At Best Internet, we understand that each home works on unique budgets and different internet requirements — which makes choosing Supersonic internet even smarter with their capped or uncapped packages. Capped deals are usually more affordable and ideal for homes that don’t need constant access to the internet all day for work or gaming or video conferencing.

5. Supersonic LTE offers month-to-month subscriptions.

Not ready for a long-term relationship? Supersonic has made things super chill and casual. Cut the cord when you want, to with no contract obligations — that’s some really flexible internet connection.

6. Supersonic LTE for the home is prioritised over LTE smartphone users.

Many people have jumped onto the 4G/LTE wagon since its release, and they all use the same technology to receive signal. However, Supersonic LTE users access an exclusive and upgraded technology that’s just for them. Welcome to the club.

Supersonic LTE home packages from Best Internet
Here are our top picks for Supersonic Internet deals.

1. Best Affordable Deal
Data: 60 GB day-time
60 GB night-time
Price: From R390
Extras: Includes activation, delivery and SIM card. Router costs R69 pm.

2. Best Overall Deal
Data: 100 GB day-time
100 GB night-time
Price: From R590
Extras: Includes activation, delivery and SIM card. Router costs R69 pm.

3. Best Data Lover Deal
Data: 150 GB day-time
150 GB night-time
Price: From R790
Extras: Includes activation, delivery and SIM card. Router costs R69 pm.

4. Best Endless Data
Data: 200 GB day-time
200 GB night-time
Price: From R990
Extras: Includes activation, delivery and SIM card. Router costs R69 pm.

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