07 February 2022

Best fibre providers in South Africa

Bring out your inner gamer or become a Netflix binge queen with our selection of the best Fibre providers in South Africa.

26 January 2022

Who’s RSA Web? Everything you need to know about one of SA’s top internet providers

Wondering why RSA Web is a super South African ISP? Look no further than our review of RSA Web. Whether you're looking for the intel on this ISP's line speed, or just some fun facts - you've come to the right place.

19 January 2022

Your 2022 guide to the best internet providers in South Africa

Best Internet is here to guide you while you figure out if your current line speed good enough and give you the low down on who the best internet service providers are in 2022.

10 January 2022

Looking for fast, contract-free fibre? Look at BitCo in 2022

BitCo has made incredible strides in offering competitive, fast fibre, voice, and wireless internet deals for South Africans. Are you ready to learn more about one of the most advanced ISP’s in the game?

06 January 2022

Home Wi-Fi deals for our top streaming recs for 2022

2021 Brought the release of top-quality movies, documentaries and shows from streaming services. But, which ones were the best? And, which streaming service is the smarter choice for your home entertainment? We take a look at which streaming services will make the best use of your home wifi deal.