22 November 2021

Supersonic Internet — The Fast, New Kid on the Internet Block

The internet world has been shaken up a little more in 2021 with the launch of MTNs Supersonic — a new provider of uber-fast LTE and AirFibre internet. And you know nothing excites us more at Best Internet than good, speedy internet connection at low prices.

19 November 2021

How to cancel your home fibre service: Vox, Telkom, Vodacom and Cell C

Looking to cancel your home fibre service? You shouldn’t be tied down to a service provider that’s doesn’t make you happy. We’re taking the work out of how to cancel your fibre contracts. Most internet service providers make it almost impossible to cancel your contract, but here at Best Internet, we want to make things easy peasy.

25 October 2021

Vodacom: Uncapped Wi-Fi Deals and FAQs answered

Need all the data you can get your hands on? Vodacom has a number of uncapped Wi-Fi packages for the home or office – or if the home is the office. Ranging from a modest 4Mbps line to a faster 80Mbps package, every bandwidth need for speed is on offer.

18 October 2021

Is fibre in my area? Fibre packages and benefits

We get it – there are a handful of internet options around these days. So, why choose fibre optic internet? If there is fibre in your area and you’re still struggling with other internet providers — it’s time to make the switch.

28 September 2021

Vox Fibre: Best Internet Breaks It Down

Fibre is the leading choice for fast and reliable internet, with Vox fibre being a top choice for many homes. Best Internet takes an in-depth look at Vox fibre to see if what they’re selling is worth buying.