24 May 2021

The Best Fibre Deals - For You

Fibre is now the most reliable source of internet connectivity, but getting fibre installed isn’t as simple as activating an LTE package. Location and infrastructure are key variables when finding the best fibre deals available to you.

05 April 2021

How Does Fibre Work?

With fixed line internet connections, we’ve certainly come a long way since copper cables have plagued us. Optic cables have been around since the 1970’s, slowly replacing electrical cabling to provide fibre connection around the world.

03 December 2020

Best ADSL Alternatives

If you’re a South African ADSL subscriber, you may need to rethink your internet service connection. With many South African Internet Service Providers rapidly decommissioning their traditional copper lines, in favour of fibre - this connection technology may not be around for much longer.

26 October 2020

Keep Your Wi-Fi on During Load Shedding

If you have an ADSL, Fixed-LTE or Fibre connection is connected to a router, Load Shedding will kill the switch on your connectivity.

07 October 2020

Online home business ideas

Loss of income in some way; retrenchment and salary cuts have made life even more burdensome on a daily basis, having to keep up with demands from your family and employers if you managed to maintain your job.