Reliable South African Fibre Internet Providers: OnAir

22 December 2021

Are you on the hunt for great internet connection? Look no further — Best Internet is here to help you make the best choice for your next internet service provider. If great, affordable fibre — with a bunch of benefits — sounds like something you’re after, you may want to consider OnAir. These guys are a simply South African internet service provider offering fibre connection specifically for the entertainment lovers out there. Interested? Read on.

Who is OnAir?

OnAir Fibre was specifically created for South Africa’s entertainment hungry. They offer affordable, fast, fibre internet connection with added extras — so you never have to leave your couch in search of thrilling theatre or jaw-dropping drama.

Does OnAir only sell fibre?

With OnAir, you can get DStv decoders, TV remotes, Wi-Fi connectors, Showmax subscriptions and devices that give you seamless app integration with services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video — making connection, payment and entertainment more convenient than ever before.

OnAir Fibre’s DStv Deal

OnAir’s DStv Explora Ultra deal means you can enjoy the ease of simply pressing a dedicated Netflix button on your DStv remote, which instantly connects to your Netflix account, and a built-in Wi-Fi connector and support for 4K or HD video, as well as Dolby Atmos.

OnAir Fibre’s Showmax Deal

If you want incredible convenience, you can also get your Showmax subscription direct from OnAir. This means you don’t get billed from endless places each month — just one simple source.
All in all, OnAir Fibre gives you one easy source for all your entertainment needs.

OnAir Fibre’s Deals

So, the idea of endless streaming and entertainment has you hooked? It’s about to get a little more enticing with OnAir’s fibre deals. Not only are these guys affordable — they also offer matched upload and download speeds, which means your streaming quality will be superb.

Starting from as little as R399 per month, OnAir caters for every type of internet user.
And, if you need the best connection around, you can also get your hands on some incredible speeds, like their 100Mbps deal for only R1,999 per month.


Five questions about OnAir Fibre, answered

  • Can I get uncapped packages with On Air?

    The short answer – Yes! OnAir offers a number of uncapped fibre deals so that you can enjoy limitless internet for those rainy days of endless streaming, or for those long Mondays when work seems like it’s never ending.
  • Are there any additional costs other than the monthly package fee?

    Not with OnAir! The cost of the installation of the hardware, the router and the activation is usually something you’d have to budget for with other providers, but not with OnAir. It’s all included.

  • Do I have to organise the installation of the hardware?

    No, Best Internet will do that for you. With OnAir, the installation has to be done by a MultiChoice accredited installer that’s affiliated with OnAir.

  • Can I get a fibre package with matched upload and download speeds?

    OnAir fibre has packages that offer matched and unmatched speeds for uploads and downloads.

Get the best fibre for entertainment with Best Internet

If you’re an entertainment lover — OnAir has come to the rescue with their wide range of deals to get you endless hours of watching. And, with Best Internet — you can find their most affordable deals to suit your needs. Go on, get streaming!

Browse OnAir fibre packages and apply online now!